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Donnelly Construction LLC

Donnelly Construction LLC

Owner: Michael Donnelly

Licensed Florida Residential Contractor


Email: [email protected]

Cell: 239-989-8406                                  

Mike Donnelly is the Builder, Remodeler and Retrofitter for Donnelly Construction. His focus is on creating Universal Design/Barrier Free/Aging in Place homes, specifically to provide accessibility and independence for persons with Disabilities, Seniors and Veterans in need.

Through intensive research, he was able to discern the dramatic need these folks have. Therefore, it made sense to establish a business that virtually no one had taken on full time.  It has been a life changing experience for him, one that has two consequences: An exceptional business, and through that business help others in a way that typical construction simply could not compete with in terms of true satisfaction…both for the client and the contractors.

He is involved with some exceptional people who also have similar perspectives. This takes place by working hand in hand with various sub-contractors to retrofit homes for those in need of accessibility. From enlarging doorways, creating roll in showers, installing ramps, elevators, and lifts, installing grab bars, roll under sinks, and much more.

Many of the jobs that are done come through Mobility companies. These companies receive the leads and work from Medicaid Waiver, Workers Compensation, and other governmental groups. In addition, work is done for private individuals in need of that accessibility.

The rewards that come through the interaction and work for the Disabled, Seniors and Veterans in need have completely transformed his life. Seeing the intense and unconditional love exhibited from the Caregivers (Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Home Care workers, the list goes on) is truly amazing. Without the help and love of the Caregivers and advocates, the quality of life for those in need would be miserable at best. It has been totally enlightening and one of life’s greatest lessons.

Lastly, he was the originator of a 501c3 nonprofit called Liberty Access Foundation. This Foundation is specifically formed to accept donations to assist these same people that do not have the financial means to achieve a Barrier Free home. It has proven to be of exceptional value, based on the tremendous amount of people needing their home to have the accessibility they desperately need.


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