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J&J Maintenance Repair

J&J Maintenance Repairs

Email: [email protected]

Additional Email: [email protected]

Cell: 239-601-2605

Jose Peña is the owner of J&J Maintenance Repair, and has worked with Donnelly Construction for years. When the opportunity came up to help the Disabled, Seniors, and Veterans in need, he jumped at it. His feeling is that helping others that have such a huge need for accessible features in their home, not only helps them gain more independence, but makes his life so much better.  Knowing that he is on this earth to help others, this mission has provided that essential ingredient in his life. 

What better way is there to have a business that is making a profit by truly helping others? He has joined Barrier Free Contractors as a Preferred Partner, willing to work with others in this group to get those accessible features in the homes of those needing it. 

He wants to thank all those that are involved with the Barrier Free Community for their efforts to help the Disabled, Seniors and Veterans in need. 

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