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Sew Pretty Corp

Martha Hannigan  Executive Director of Sew Pretty Corp.

My background and education is with special education and vocational education and system engineer with IBM

Certified and taught in the Virginia school system for 20 years

Developed  Competence Based objectives in Vocational Education for the State Department of Education Virginia.

I also worked for  IBM as an EIS or Education Specialist  training teachers and setting up computer systems in schools on the east coast. I developed and wrote a manual for IBM. Applying IBM educational software to Vocational education for the states of VA, Maryland, North and South Carolina

Enlisted in the US Army 1975 to 1982

               What is the “Sew Pretty MS CENTER?”

We exist to meet the needs of people with medical conditions, to find product that can assist them. These are hard to fine, or nonexistent, in mainstream stores. We custom make our products to meet the needs of the client or customer. We sell our products for the disabled on the internet, craft shows and to the population in the community to donate back for the services that are provide to the handicap community.

  1. We work with life skills and we try to overcome obstacles that our disease presents to us.  
  2. The training that is provided will help our growth and well being, as well as the communities.
  3. We need to find a cure for our disease. We are not doctors or scientists but we can work to donate monies for research to find the cure.
  4. We make our product from used materials. This can help keep our cost lower and the materials recycled.
  5. We are volunteers with MS or veterans with or without a handicap working for services that are provided for the disabled.
  6. Please volunteer or work with us. You can call 239-219-6532
  7.  We will be open from Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5 , 3900 Broadway Ave.  Fort Myers Fl. 33901, if you can give some of your time to give back to the services and research that is being done for Multiple Sclerosis or Disabled Veterans.
  8. We work to give back for the services provided for us and for research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis